Fall in Love with Your Balcony


Whether big or small, it’s the perfect time to make your balcony space more inviting to enjoy and relax in the cooler weather. Here are 3 simple steps to turn any balcony into a new, cozy hangout.

Rugs – Extend your outdoor space with colorful rugs and decorative pillows. For a cozy effect, hang fabric from the underside of your neighbor’s balcony. Be sure to ask your neighbor ahead of time as a courtesy.

Trunks and Crates – Use sturdy box crates as extra seating or side tables. Paint them to add color or leave natural, depending on the look you desire. Add cushions for comfortable sitting. A charming trunk can double as storage, especially for outdoor cushions.

Pots – Breathe a little life into your balcony with potted chrysanthemums, pansies and/or ivy.

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